Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Update On Indoor Garden

There has been a great addition to my little indoor garden. I now introduce to you, Peace Lily. She's so pretty! My mom was contemplating giving up on her, since her leaves were all limp. I was able to convince my mom she was doing just fine, that her leaves were green and healthy -- she just needed her own space, along with a nice drink of water. I got her home and gave her a big drink of water. The next day, she was all perky without missing a step.

She's adapting well to her new environment and family. I have spotted small buds, so I'm hoping to see some flowers soon!

I also wanted to give a quick update on Jade. Jade was also a rescue plant that was suffering from over watering. Once I saved the plants that hadn't wilted away she started growing very fast and creating tons and tons of new buds! This one I do have a before picture, just to refresh your memory.

I'm sad to say that the little red pot I planted Jade in did not last very long. As I was bragging before, I found some great biodegradable bamboo pots on sale at my local supermarket. They said they would last well up to 3 years, 5 years depending on the plant, but this one didn't last six months before it developed deep cracks and water was spilling out every time I watered Jade. So, I replaced the bamboo with a clay pot, something a bit more sturdy and will hold in the moisture so I don't have to water Jade so much. Here she is all bushy and in her new pot. 

I'm planning on bringing home some more plants once I find space for them all. I'm thinking to buy either a large metal case with adjustable shelves, like this one here, or one from IKEA designed for plants. Either way, I want something that will accommodate lights. Living in Utah does leave you with longer stretches of night during the winter that I need to start prepping for.