Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Miso-Ramen with Roasted Veggies

Lately, I have been craving Ramen! There is just something about those tasty rice noodles in a broth, that is satisfyingly delicious -- especially during high stress periods in your life. When I came across this super tasty looking Miso-Ramen recipe by The Bojon Gourmet, I had to try it. I followed this recipe to the letter and was not disappointed in the slightest! Holy cow, it had lots of good flavor and a variety of texture, I couldn't stop eating it! You had the saltiness from the Miso broth that was enhanced with boiled seaweed and shiitake mushrooms; the sweet soft texture of the roasted sweet potatoes; the crunch and a slight bitterness from the broccolini; topped off with the soft chew from the noodles, tofu, and boiled egg... Talk about delicious (in a sing-song voice). I devoured this and instantly regretted having to save some for tomorrow's lunch.

A good heads up, this recipe does take some time. I think I clocked it to one and a half hours, maybe almost two. There is lots of boiling water to consider along with some oven activity, so be sure to read through the recipe to get the timing right. I sure didn't and found myself having to reheat different components. Regardless, you will be satisfied with the finished product! I will certainly make this again! 

Thank you, The Bojon Gourmet!